Cross-Platform Communications: gRPC Server and Client: .NET Core

When we are developing web solutions┬áconsisting of several projects, it is very common communicate between each other, and the common solutions are proprietary solutions (like .NET Remoting), or standard solutions like REST or SOAP. Recently, I discovered gRPC as the Google solution for Cross-Platform communications, allowing the developers to communicate applications. The advantage of gRPC is that it doesn’t use message formats which need to assemble JSON or XML (and it makes a bigger message, sometimes). Instead of this, gRPC uses Protocol Buffers to define binary messages to be interchanged between the parts.

At this time, I start with .NET Core, and you can see the details for creating server and client:

GitHub Repository:

protoc command: protoc -I=pb –csharp_out=Messages pb/messages.proto –grpc_out=Messages –plugin=protoc-gen-grpc=/Users/_your username_/.nuget/packages/Grpc.Tools/1.1.0/tools/macosx_x64/grpc_csharp_plugin
chmod 755

Protocol Buffers:
SSH Keys Generation:

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