ASP.NET Core Basics – Part 2

Now, we continue with the series ASP.NET Core Basics. At this time we are been focused in MVC specific topics, which will be covered in a 7 mins video.

1. MVC. Controllers
2. MVC. Models and Views
3. ViewModel
4. Post/Redirect/Get
5. Model Validation


MVC Pattern:–view–controller
Post/Redirect/Get Pattern:
Github Repository:
The New York Times API:

Español: Conceptos Básicos ASP.NET Core P.2
Português: Conceitos Básicos ASP.NET Core P.2

ASP.NET Core Basics – Part 1

I’m starting this blog with a series of videos focused on ASP.NET Core. This tutorial has been completely developed on C# + Visual Studio Code + Mac OSX, but (almost) all commands and concepts are fully compatible with Windows and Linux.

1. Project Startup
2. Configuration and Services
3. Startup and Middleware


Github Repo:
Microsoft .NET Core:
Node JS:
Visual Studio Code:

Español: Conceptos Básicos ASP.NET Core P.1

Português: Conceitos Básicos ASP.NET Core P.1

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