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Alexis Alulema.grayscale

My name is Alexis Alulema, I was born in Ecuador, and I have worked as a Software Developer since 2001 and in remote mode since 2010. I am the father of 2 beautiful daughters, and I use my free time to play with them, play guitar and play tennis table (often alone with my Butterfly Amicus Expert robot).

Mainly I have worked with ASP.NET since 2002, and I have seen its evolution from WebForms, through MVC and WebAPI, until finally reaching the current moment of .NET 5 where we can see a unified version working in multiplatform and with an extraordinary integration with Azure or AWS cloud services.

Likewise, I have seen the evolution of JavaScript from its first moments to the Angular, React, and Vue.js frameworks that currently dominate the market and the advent of mobile development and its current ubiquity and its various native or multi-device development options (Xamarin and Flutter).

All these advances in technology allowed me to learn from them and apply Software Architecture techniques in various work projects.

Today, starting the year 2021, I begin to resume my website after two years. I focused on finishing and obtaining my Master’s Degree, obtained at the University of New Mexico, demanding an additional effort that I generally dedicate to my activities.

Through obtaining my master’s degree, I have been able to apply my skills in Software Development and develop new skills, specifically in Machine Learning, which has been exciting and challenging as I progressed through the course. I share with you the link of the interview I had at the university as the first international student to finish the program in its online mode:

“Ecuadorian Earns 1st Online Master’s in Internet of Things”

This was a great experience and opportunity to improve my Python skills by using PyTorch, and researching new algorithms for Deep Learning, and Django as an excellent web framework to present my classwork.

For direct communications with me, you can contact me at my email address.

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